Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rainbow Baby Blanket - finished!

I did it!! I didn't watch much of the Eurovision Song Contest (apart from the bearded-lady of course!), although I heard it all, while I had my head buried in my crochet. By the time i'd finished, I had cramp in my hand, a numb bum and a crick in my neck, but I really really wanted to finish the edge in one go while I had the pattern for the picot edging working in my mind.

So here it is:

Lovely rainbow stripes

Ooops - my slipper got in the shot!

think I will give it a quick wash, to make it smell nice and block it (as the edge is curling a little) and then I will post it off to my friend, who's baby boy was born a few weeks ago. Hope she likes it! It is the first cochet item I have made as a gift so I am a little nervous!

I used Stylecraft Special DK left from my first blanket here. It's amazing how far that wool goes. I bought the 'Lucy Pack' which I think was 17 balls of yarn for about £22 (there was a special offer on, so can't quite remember what I paid!). I also bought some balls of white in the same yarn and used almost a whole 100g ball. So far made a small blanket and a baby blanket with the coloured yarns and still loads left for at least another couple of baby-size blankets or a lap sized one. 

I now need to decide on my next foray into crochet. I would like to have a crack at some granny squares or maybe a baby ripple blanket. I got some lovely pastel shades of merino baby wool from The Range last week, which is destined to be a baby blanket for my baby bump (only 5 weeks left until D-Day, so I'd better get a move on with it!), just not sure what pattern to go for - I'd definitely like a change from Granny stripes now though...

In other news, I painted a rocking chair with a first coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint today. Hopefully I will get a second coat on tomorrow while the boys are at school. I have the chair ear-marked for the nursery for the night-feeds!

Hope everyone has had a relaxing and/or productive weekend. Back soon with a rocking chair update!


  1. Gosh that is one beautiful blanket ..... I love rainbows!
    love Jooles x x x

    1. Thankyou so much for popping over to see my little bit of blogland! Still very new to blogging & took rather a long break not very long after starting! Thankyou for your kind comment about the blanket - it's being blocked now. Think I'll have a go at a ripple next...

    2. It's gorgeous, I'm in awe of your patience & creativity. My gran crocheted me a baby blanket - apparently as an aid to giving up smoking - & I still treasure it. It's not as tasteful as yours by some margin though, but I suppose it was the 70s!

    3. Thanks Janie! I love doing crafty stuff. I'm not particulalry creative, but I can copy someone else's or follow a pattern - I like the repetitiveness and methodity (is that even a word?) of it.