Monday, 26 May 2014

Birthday Season

April marks the start of "Birthday Season" in our household. This commences with our youngest's on 30th April and followed by Aunty P, best friend L, Granny (my mum), Mr W, ME!!!, godson's dad, godson, best friend's son, neice, brother, best friend S, sister-in-law    - which takes us through to mid-July, phew! At this time of year, I seem to spend most of my time on Moonpig (a life-saver, as they even post the card for you) or at the post office. 

And soon, there will be a new addition to Birthday Season - official due date for baby #3 is June 14th, so it should definitely be with us by end of June, even if I go overdue!

The birthday bunting is up 
(see the post here)

Here are some pics of Birthday Season so far: 

Birthday morning present opening in Mummy & Daddy's bed

Little G with his pile of brownies birthday cake.

G's favourite birthday card from Mummy & Daddy - he is still obsessed with all things superhero (see last year's post)
G's birthday party at a local soft-play - super-easy party this year, as all I had to do was make the cake - Batman-themed this year!
Making Daddy's birthday cake. He's a dab hand with the mixer - a future Great British Bake Off contender??

G's favourite bit of baking!
Can you tell which football team he supports??
Mr W blowing out his candle
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm cakes!
Lots of "Top-hat" cakes for Mr W to take to work - some had lemon curd under the buttercream, and some had raspberry jam. I had to sample one or four to make sure they were suitable for public consumption!


  1. It all looks like a lot of fun, I love the top hat cakes. December is birthday season in our family (6 close family birthdays - eek!) and takes major budgeting and military planning! Enjoy the birthday season. x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gillian! Isn't it strange how lots of family birthdays all come at once. December must be especially hard due to Christmas too. My dad's bithday is December, and it is a nightmare thinking of one thing to get him, let alone 2!
      Vicki x

  2. April til June is birthday season for us.Tomorrow is mine then in two weeks' time it's the girls' then my husband's. If your baby's on time she/he will have the same birthday as Lulu, my younger daughter, and if a day early she/he will share a birthday with Markie! Yummy looking cakes by the way. x

    1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! My birthday is next week June 4th & we are booked to go to a local restaurant for dinner (they do a special tasting menu on a thurs night at a reduced price & it is Michelin-starred, so a real treat!).