Thursday, 8 May 2014

I've survived another week!

So it's almost Friday again! How did that happen? The joys of having a bank holiday Monday I guess. And we've got another one coming up soon (even if it is hidden a little in half term).

Another week gone means another week closer to meeting the new member of our family. So I'll be 35 weeks on Saturday - only 5 weeks to go! But if it's anything like its big brothers, it will be nearer 7 weeks before we meet. Midwife appointment yesterday went well. I am very lucky to have exceptionally healthy pregnancies - no morning sickness, low blood pressure, fully active and mobile until the very end (I think partly due to carrying my babies very high, which leaves my legs/hips free from pressure). I feel very sorry (but so lucky for myself) when I see pregnant women limping and lumbering around with still 2-3 months to go! It was due to my healthy pregnancies that I happily booked a trip to Texas and Mexico for Easter when I would be 30 weeks pregnant. Everyone thought we were mad to be going on a long haul holiday, with 2 small boys in tow, at such a late stage in my pregnancy, but we had a fabulous time (apart from all the queuing at immigration, security etc)! More of that another time.

So it's almost Friday, which means a weekend lie-in is on its way! Hooray! Him indoors and I take it turns to have a lie-in at the weekend. Sometimes the boys are good and quietly play in their room (they share) for a while before thirst and hunger get the better of them and they come and wake us. Other times, they go downstairs and help themselves to breakfast (always a little hit and miss as to what they end up having and how much mess they make). On these days, Mr Wilfing and I both get a bit of a lie-in! More often than not though, by 7am the boys are awake and sound like they are about to murder each other, so one of gets up and swiftly takes them downstairs to be fed and watch telly, while the other gets a much needed extra bit of sleep. Gotta make the most of this weekend routine before it is shattered into a million pieces by a newborn's hungry screams at regular intervals of the night and day!

This weekend I am hoping to finish the blanket I am currently crocheting for a friend's baby. It is only my 2nd blanket and my 3rd crochet creation ever! 

I took this yesterday whilst sat in the car watching my eldest at football training. He has no natural aptitude, bless him, and only likes going because his best friend goes, but we're hoping that at least he will learn how to play and also get some excercise at the same time.

The blanket is a rainbow one, which I am currently edging in blue (as the baby was a boy!). Still very new to crochet, and struggle a bit with starting and finishing things. Once I get going I'm fine, and love the rhythm and methodicalness of it. Tres relaxing!

I'm also hoping to get a few more of these made over the weekend for the baby:

They're burp cloths - one side is brushed cotton and the other towelling, making them super absorbent. They were super easy to make too! I breast fed both my boys and got through a ton of muslins every day. But they weren't the most absorbent and I invariably had a patch of dried posset/puke on my shoulder at all times which had soaked through the muslin!! These little cloths should hopefully be better fit for purpose, and will certainly look a bit nicer when out and about, than a slightly off-white, screwed up muslin! The wonders of Pinterest for introducing these to me!

Hoping to keep up with some regular blogging, but seem to spend a LOT of time reading other people's instead! Here's some updates I hope to share soon:

* My finished crochet projects
* My planned crochet makes
* Other creative projects that are in the pipeline
* Our wonderful visit to Texas and Mexico
* Updates on work we've done to the house


  1. Get you putting your time to seriously impressive use! I can't remember the last time I acquired an actual skill. I love those burp clothes, you could sell those, I would happily have bought tonnes, I swear my babies posseted more than they ever ingested!

    Looking forward to hearing about your (hardcore!) Mexico trip! xx

  2. Thanks Janie! Not got any further with making any more burp cloths - painting the chair took over! Lots of boring holiday photos to come next week, i promise!