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I love to make things and always have. I love the fact that craft, sewing, baking etc is all the height of fashion at the moment. For many years I have kept my cross-stitch and tapestry habit (one I picked up as a child) a secret - something I would do in front of the telly of an evening, when only my husband was present, for fear of being branded a "square" or geek! Now I discover that I am part of a huge homecraft revival. Ditto this with regards to my jam-making, cake-baking, sewing etc etc!

Here is my latest creation - bunting for the boys' playroom. I've only recently started using my sewing machine (despite owning it for well over a year!), and have fallen in love with bunting-making. It is very easy, and very rewarding when you see the finished product. I think bunting gives any room or space a rather festive and uplifting feel.

I foresee lots more bunting appearing around our home!

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