Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Baby quilt - finished!

I started this months ago, but have only just got around to finishing it. I'd got it to the point of being ready to sandwich it together with batting & backing and then quilting, only to discover that I didn't have quite enough batting! So I ordered some online, but by the time it arrived I'd moved my attention to burp cloths and crochet! So here it is...finally!

It is a "Disappearing 9-patch" (for those not knowing any quilting lingo, that means that you sew your squares into blocks of 9 before cutting horizontally and vertically through the centre of the block, and then turning/rearranging each new small block into a new pattern - saves a lot of cutting of smaller pieces to give a good overall effect)
9-patch blocks, cut and turned, ready to be sewn together

The finished quilt being beautifully displayed by Little G!

Fleece backing fabric

This is only my second quilt ever (& I haven't actually finished the first one - it still needs binding!), although I did make a tiny, doll-size quilt using English paper-piecing. This one has all been machine sewed (apart from hand-sewing the binding to the back of the quilt). 

I used a charm pack of 5" squares of Moda Oink-a-Doodle-Moo. My rotary cutting has a lot to be desired - I definitely need more practise in this area, as I am not very accurate. So I thought a charm pack (pre-cut squares) might improve my piecing skills. Unfortunately, although it saved me time in cutting, my piecing was still appalling in places! What I thought was due to to my poor cutting skills is actually due to my poor sewing skills!! I have ordered myself a 1/4" seam allowance foot for my sewing machine now, so hopefully this will help my sewing be more accurate in the future!

Anyway, you can't really notice the poor piecing/seam matching unless you look closely, and I'm sure the baby won't care!

I used a fleece baby blanket as the backing for extra snuggliness (£5 for a large baby fleece blanket from Tesco & still got enough left over to make some burp cloths or taggie cloths - waaaaaay cheaper than buying fleece by the metre!). The quilt is more likely to be used as a playmat/somewhere to lie the baby down rather than a quilt though.

And as with all my fabric/colour choices at the moment for the baby stuff, it is definitely leaning more towards boys than girls (girls like tractors and farm animals too don't they???), even though we have no idea what we're having! I'm working on the basis that a girl can easily use/wear boy-themed colours & patterns, whereas I don't particularly like seeing boys with girly-themed prints & colours.  I really shouldn't be stereotyping in this day and age though!!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I hope you like it too.


  1. I LOVE it! It's gorgeous! And well done for finishing it on time. I can't see any imperfections and I bet the baby won't notice either. As for the colours, they'll suit either a boy or girl. In fact I prefer these colours for my girls rather than the usual girly flowery pink... I have some charm packs in my fabric stash. I'd love to try making a quilt like this but I only know the basic patchwork squares. Anyway, your blanket is really lovely.. Have a nice, not too rainy day! x

  2. Thank you Marion! The disappearing 9-patch is one of the really basic patchwork patterns which you would definitely be able to do with a charm pack. I went on a 1 day quilting course last spring & this was the pattern they taught us & we were all total beginners. If you google it, there are loads of tutorials out there. My biggest challenge with patchwork & quilting is sewing a straight seam!! Lots of rain here again today, so cracking on with ironing & some crochet (if the boys are willing!)

  3. I love it! Such a gorgeous, colourful quilt and as you say it will be perfect to lie the baby down on as a play mat too....I am sure the baby will love all those beautiful colours!
    Helen xox

    1. Thankyou Helen! Not a patch on your beautiful hand-stitched quilts - I have still have a long way to go!