Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy Friday!

It's Friday and it's warm and sunny - what's not to be happy about?

The garden is starting to bloom which always lifts my spirits:


First rosebud - it will be pale yellow when fully open & smell amazing


Californian Lilac - coveres the front of the ugly garage

Busy Mr Bee!

I grew the lupins from seed last year - loads of spikes still to open

The wisteria is starting to climb up the front of the house. When we moved in, it had been cut right down to a stump but is now slowly coming back. Needs a bit of training though!

The chair is finished and in the nursery. I think it could do with some cushions to make it a bit more comfy for breast feeding, but my first crochet blanket looks rather cosy on it.

My lovely new pink Birkenstocks. My pedicure is not looking too bad that I had done on holiday at Easter. A few small chips starting to appear...

Lovely pastel ripples on my latest crochet project - a baby blanket...

A little treat for myself to read in bed later. I've been naughty and already bought Country Living this week, but I have been restrained for a good few months!

As well as the garden, I am also in full bloom! 36 weeks tomorrow and getting bigger by the day. Random strangers have stopped me in shops and in the street to ask when I'm due - they all look slightly shocked when I tell them I still have a month to go. This photo is actually rather flattering, and I look a lot bigger in the flesh. But I have had lots of compliments today on how "blooming" and "well" I look which makes me happy (as I had been feeling rather cumbersome and unwieldy this week!), even if that is code for "flippin'eck you're enormous!"

My new doormat. Just a cheapo one from B&M Bargains, but we had to throw the previous one away after I trod in dog poo getting out of the car on the driveway & then wiped it all over the doormat & trampled it all up the hall! Don't get me started on how cross I was, as we don't even any pets, so was furious to have someone else's pet leave us the gift! But the new doormat makes me slightly happier.

Looking forward to a lovely weekend of sunshine (or at least warm and dry!) with my boys. We're off on a picnic at a nearby country park on Sunday with some friends.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hi! I found your blog over at Gillian's. I've just enjoyed reading your 'happy post' and will be back soon to have a look round your blog. You have lovely flowers in your garden--I love all the colours. Your crocheted blanket looks sweet and can't wait to see the new baby blanket when it's finished. And I really like your bright pink Birkinstocks. I have an old brown/gold pair and now I want to get some new ones. Have a great weekend! Btw, you look lovely.

    1. Hi Marion! Thanks for your lovely comments. Birkos are one of my shoe addictions (the other being converse!) - I have pink, red, lilac, brown, black & bronze. I have had to purchase new pink, red & lilac ones this year as my previous red and pink ones stink too much to wear any more!! Sole Trader Outlet sell lots of colours at a good price & also eBay. I look forward to you coming back to explore my blog - still very new to it! Vicki x

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