Monday, 19 May 2014

A weekend of sunshine

The weekend started early for us with the boys having great fun in the garden until way past their usual bedtime. It was so warm & lovely out there that I just didn't have the heart to bundle them off to bed!

Trampoline fun

Playing together (makes a change from fighting/arguing!)

Daddy getting in on the action when he got in from work!

Saturday was spent doing lots of stuff around the house. Our odd-job man was here for the day getting lots of job finished for us (he's worth his weight in gold, as Mr Wilfing is rather challenged in the DIY skills department!) and helping Mr W. move furniture around. Mr W. declared he was "nesting" and got lots of tidying and sorting done, which I just haven't been able to do lately (due to not being able to bend down!)

Sunday we met up with friends in a local country park for a picnic lunch and afternoon of playing. While everyone went off for a walk through the woods, I sat under the shade of a tree in my deck chair and got a few ripples done! They came back with ice-creams, and a deliciously refreshing lemonade ice lolly for me (I have a thing for home-made lemonade and lemonade flavour things at the moment!)

Crochet in the sun!

Sun-dappled play area

We had to drag the children away from their friends at about 5.30pm in order to get home for supper, bath and bed. We all had a lovely afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather, and it was so nice to see the children playing outdoors and away from their various 'screens'.

The lake at Barnwell Country Park


  1. What a lovely weekend you've had--a day for doing things in the house and another for fun in the sun with friends and family. I hope the warm weather's not bothering you too much. Both my girls were born in June and I struggled a bit with the heat as I neared my due dates. Well done to Mr.W for helping out with the nesting. Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Marion - we live in an old stone house which is ALWAYS cold, so the hot weather really didn't bother me - it feels like we have air-con! Hot weather seems long gone now though...

  2. Such a lovely sunny weekend, I am glad you all had a lovely time! Love the sweet baby blanket, very pretty ripples.
    Wishing you a great week!
    Helen xox

  3. Beautiful photos of a fabulous weekend!
    Love the footie photos
    love Jooles x x x

    1. Thanks for popping by Jooles. I love seeing my boys playing together like that - makes my heart want to burst! Good job we made the most of the lovely weather that weekend, as it's looks pretty miserable for the forseeable future!
      Vicki x