Hi, I'm Wilfing Mum.

"Wilfing" - to surf the web with no particular purpose, often due to extreme boredom. Derived from the phrase WWILF (what was I looking for?).

I am extremely guilty of Wilfing. I get my iPad out to google something and before I know it an hour has slipped by and I can no longer remember what it was I was googling in the first place. But I've found some amazing websites along the way!

Since I discovered Pinterest, I have gained a little control over my wilfing, as I can at least Pin pages/websites I stumble upon that I would like to look at again, without having to endlessly search for it weeks later when I can no longer remember where it was on the Internet!

The term "Wilfing" has gained expanded meaning in our house, and no longer just applies to web surfing. Husband and I apply it to all activities and discussions that meander away from their original purpose or topic - another word for digress or sidetrack! I am still a huge Wilfer in this use of the word, especially around the house and my craft stuff. Lists are the only thing that help me make sure I get the important stuff done each day.

Aside from the Wilfing issue, I am a full time mum to our two beautiful sons (am I biased?), and a wife to my hard-working husband. When I get time, I love to bake cakes, sew, make jam and chutney, watch TV and generally live the existence of a 1950s housewife (except I run every facet of our lives including all the car maintenance, money management, DIY, gardening and any other task that is traditionally considered the responsibility of the man!) Since relocating to the countryside a year ago, life has been full of unpacking, decorating, getting quotes, settling into our new area and new school, making friends and learning new skills.


  1. I WWILF rather a lot unfortunately. Since my littlest is started mornings at nursery I have also started WWILF in real life too as I gaze round my suddenly empty home of a morning. I also rather love pinterest; http://pinterest.com/mrsfoxs/

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mrs Fox! I'll go and wwilf around your Pinterest board now instead if doing the ironing!