We relocated to a small village in North-East Northamptonshire in January 2012. We had previously lived in Berkshire for 15 years, both moving there for our first jobs after leaving University. We had firmly set down roots there, had lots of friends and had our 2 children there, so it was quite a wrench when we moved up here!

When we made the decision to relocate (due to husband being offered a better job in Northampton), I though "yeah great". It would be a chance to buy a bigger house with a huge garden for the boys to play in, something that we would never have been able to afford where we were living. However once the move started to become a reality, I suddenly felt a bit wobbly about the whole thing! I hadn't realised just how deep the roots were that I had put down in our old place! It was a much easier transition for husband, as he was used to being out at work all day and not seeing his friends particularly regularly anyway. For me, being at home all day with the children, meeting up with my mummy friends etc, the move felt like an enormous life change.

The move was over a year ago now, and I feel a lot more settled. I have made a few good friends, which always helps. Our best friends (best man & birdesmaid at our wedding, and godparents to our children) live only 20mins away, so we see so much more of them too.

Here is the lovely old farmhouse, we are slowly making our own:

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  1. what a beautiful house! Moving is never easy but with such a lovely home to work with I am sure you will all be very happy there

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! It is a beautiful house. We love it, but it is not without its challenges! I had forgotten how long it took to get our last house just how we wanted it & expected to be all settled and have everything just so within a few weeks, and consequently went a little mad in the first few months of living here. And everything is harder when there are 2 little people around too!

  2. Hi this is my first time of popping by and have been busy catching up on your busy life with your boys and little girl. I had two boys then a girl and it does take a bit of getting used to doesn't it. I did however go on to have another boy some years later. We renovated a cottage five years ago and it seems like a never ending story but it will all be finished soon and you'll be able to relax and enjoy it.