Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The double-edged sword

School holidays - the ultimate double-edged sword...

On the one hand, an enormous relief not to have to rush around getting ready for school, doing the school run and watching the clock all day ready for the return school run. On the other hand, I have 2 small boys at home all day, all week, in the rain, waiting to be entertained!

During term time (and a lot of the rest of the time too to be honest!), I find myself constantly shouting "QUICKLY!", "COME ON!", "HURRY UP!" and "WE'LL BE LATE!". But these phrases seem to mean very little to a 3 year old, as he completely ignores me and carries on with whatever he is doing at his usual snail's pace. It is one of the things that drives us mad the most - being ignored by our children! Getting to school on time requires lots of use of these phrases. Even more so on the days when I do 2 drop offs at different places - G to nursery at 8.45am and W to school for 8.55am. Every second counts on these mornings, as leaving even a minute late means having to park further away which means it takes longer to get back to my car which means we are late getting W to school! So holidays at least means we don't have all the mad dashing around. It's also nice not to have days that end at 3pm. My whole day revolves around school timings, so once 3pm arrives, that's pretty much it for the day - downhill through supper, school reading and bathtime.

This week, we have had a bank holiday, and also husband has Friday off, so we actually only have 3 days to fill. I managed to last until midday today before giving in to the pester-power of getting the paints out! W is a prolific creater of art, and we are constantly having to clear out his 'masterpieces' into the recyle bin under the cover of darkness. After 10 minutes, and about 10 pictures, he decided he wanted to do glueing and sticking instead! I'm now left with a sink full of paint pots, brushes etc to clear up. Isn't this what they go to school for - to paint, glue, chalk to their hearts delight, so that their poor parents no longer have to put up with the mess at home??? Thankfully G, the little one, is not so bothered about arts and crafts, and was having his nap at the time, as he is a total liability with the glue and paint, and seems to apply it to every surface and orifice other than the paper! We spent the afternoon under a blanket on the sofa (where's the sun gone?), with popcorn, watching "Annie" on DVD. G kept telling me he couldn't hear the telly as I was singing too loud!

Tomorrow we have a trip to the cinema planned to see Epic. I splashed out and booked us 3D tickets, purely because that was the viewing time that suited us best. W loves a bit of 3D, but G is not so bothered and last time didn't even wear the glasses for most of the film! So tomorrow will be mostly taken up with eating our body weights in popcorn and fizzy pop.

Thursday, if it is STILL raining, I may venture further afield with them to the space centre in Leicester. I have a few Tesco days out vouchers that we can use there, and W has been doing all about space at school recently, so he will love it.

Before we know it, Monday will be here again and a return to the "QUICKLY" and "WE'LL BE LATE!", so rather than bemoaning the contant nagging, demands and arguments (from the kids, not me!) that makes up my days of school holidays, I should enjoy the more leisurely pace, spending time with my two little monsters darlings, and make the most of the little lie-ins that husband gives me (well, he let me lie-in a little this morning and brought me a cup of tea in bed before going to work, so hopefully he's reading this and will continue along those lines for the rest of the week!)

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