Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Should we stop watching?

I have suggested to husband that we have a TV ban during the week - no TV Monday to Thursday evenings. Recently we have found less and less that we actually want to watch, but still we find ourselves slumped on the sofa every evening come 9 o'clock, staring at the (rather large!) box in the corner.

Husband was rather sceptical at first, but once I explained my reasons, he actually thought it a good idea! Now that the evenings are lighter and the weather warmer, we should be sitting in the garden enjoying it, doing a spot of gardening, exercising, reading, sewing, talking....(he was slightly alarmed by the last one activity!)

Over the winter, our house is so cold, that in the evenings all we want to do is snuggle down in front of the fire to keep warm and avoid leaving the room at all costs! I've tried to sit at my sewing machine which is in a different part of the house, but after only a few minutes I lose all feeling in my fingers and toes due to the cold! So evening productivity (after the boys are in bed) reduces to pretty much zero.

So last night (Monday) was to be our first night. But we hit an early stumbling block in our new regime - the snooker finals and Stoke v Sunderland! So some caveats have had to be added:

* Bank holidays don't count
* Football or other major sporting events don't count
* Holidays/days off don't count
* Ironing doesn't count (I've GOT to watch TV while ironing or I would go insane!)

So we shall see if we manage to do without telly for 4 nights a week, and if it has any positive impact on our lives. So far so good tonight - boys have been in bed for 40mins and husband not yet home from work...

UPDATE 8th May 2013 - more football on last night, so husband still not had a TV free night. He did turn it off after the football had finished and we both had an early night! I got lots of party planning done for 3yr old's birthday party on Saturday.

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