Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Attack of the Muffin-Top!

It's back! It seems to have snuck up really slowly and quietly before bursting out over the top of my jeans this morning! It's the dreaded muffin-top!!

I first developed a major problem with the muffin-top after having my second child. I was still able to wear all my pre-pregancy clothes, I just had a nasty overhang of flesh around the top of waistbands. I tried a bigger size, but that was too big (which I was VERY glad about, as it was pretty de-moralising having to take a size 16 off the rack to the changing room!) I tried a looser belt hole, but my jeans kept slipping down, and a baggy backside is not a good look! While I was still breastfeeding through the autumn and winter, it was fairly easy to hide the muffin-top under loose-fitting tops and jumpers. Once Spring approached, and my brother's wedding in the July, I knew something had to be done to banish the nasty muffin-top.

So I started going to Zumba classes with a couple of friends and ate sensibly by keeping a food diary. I managed to shift a few pounds, but still really needed to lose half a stone. Then I discovered the 30 day shred and the Dukan Diet. The combination of these two really kicked the muffin-top into touch. All my clothes fitted better, and I even fit into some size 12 stuff! I relaxed a little over what I was eating, and the exercise (other than Zumba) tailed off. But I wasn't putting weight on, so was happy.

Then we moved house...! No more Zumba with my friends. A freezing cold house with an aga, which made me want to eat stodge and casseroles all the time. To get used to the aga, I practised making lots of different cakes (and eating them!) I no longer walk to school every day as the walk is a good bit further, so only do it a few times a week. Recently, I seem to crave sugar, and binge on chocolate, biscuits, cake and bread. Generally I have been comfort eating, which started to ease the stress of the move. (I blame Pinterest a little bit too, as I keep seeing amazing looking cake and sweet-stuff recipes which I just can't resist trying!)

I've felt a need to address my eating habits for a little while, especially since Spring finally arrived. Putting my jeans back on this morning after a couple of days of wearing loose fitting skirts & tops in the sunny weather, was a bit of a shock. The muffin-top seems to have won the battle.

But the war is not over yet. Time to attack my muffin-top...

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