Monday, 27 May 2013

Festival of Country Life

Another sunny day, another country show visit! This time it was to Lamport Hall and the Festival of Country Life.

Lamport Hall

First impressions were that this show was on a much smaller scale than yesterday's one at Burghley House - it was cheaper to get in and there were no queues. But once we were inside, there was a surprising amount of stuff to see.

First stop was the food hall in the old stables. Although there were only a few stands, I think they were much better than at the show yesterday. We practically bought half their stock! We came away from there with 3 pounds of sausages (buy 2lb get 1free!), 2 bags of fudge (one of which was sea salt tablet - to die for!), 2 slabs of rocky road, more pork scratchings (can't enough of those salty, crunchy morsels - my secret snack shame!), 2 bunches of fresh British asparagus, 2 dozen eggs, and for our lunch 2 sausage rolls, a game pie, a bacon & cheese pasty, 4 caramel slices and 4 flapjacks!! Phew! Lucky we had the buggy with us to carry all our purchases!

The rest of the stables was full of antique & craft stalls, so we gave these a quick peruse before heading out to the rest of the show. There were loads of vintage cars, steam engines, tractors, motorbikes, army vehicles etc etc as well as many traditional crafts such as blacksmiths, wood turners, rope makers, bee-keepers etc.
W in a Messerschmitt

W watching another blacksmith - he is totally fascinated by it and could have stayed there all day watching him at work!

Again, the boys were pretty well behaved, despite being cold (after yesterday, they had shorts and t-shirts on again, but it was much cooler today and very windy!) We are very lucky that G still has an afternoon nap, and so with only a little encouragement he climbed back into the buggy with his muslin and went to sleep for an hour. It makes it a whole lot easier when you only have one child to entertain and keep track of whilst walking around these places!

All in all, an immensely enjoyable bank holiday weekend. Aren't we being spoiled by the British weather by having 2 sunny bank holiday weekends this May!!

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