Friday, 6 June 2014

This week... was my birthday. 38!! It was on Wednesday, but this rapidly turned into a rubbish day, so I made the executive decision to postpone my proper birthday celebrations until Thursday. Mr W had to leave the house at 6am on Wednesday, so I didn't even get my usual cup of tea made for me, let alone cards & presents in bed. The boys were totally oblivious to it being my birthday with no daddy around to prompt them, and my eldest felt sick & achey so had to stay home from school. On top of this poor start to my birthday, I had a midwife appointment followed by the dentist, stacks of washing up & ironing and it was pouring with rain!! So definitely a wise decision to delay.

I did manage to make myself a birthday cake:

It is Nigella's "Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake" from her "Feast" book. Super-easy and the icing is divine! 

...I had my annual KFC bucket for supper on my birthday. I do LOVE that crispy coating! However, both Mr W and I were up in the night with indigestion after it - way too much grease & salt I think. Maybe that's why we only have it once a year!!!

...I had a much better "birthday-take-two", with tea, cards & presents in bed, sunshine & blue skies & a delicious meal out with Mr W at a local restaurant in the evening. 
The bump all dressed up ready to go out for dinner!

...I received these beauties for my birthday & can't wait to pick something out to hook

...I had lots of compliments about my enormous belly. I bought a capsule wardrobe of a few summer pieces for when we went on holiday at Easter, and have been wearing them in rotation/mix & match ever since. They were obviously worth the investment, as I have been complimented by 3 different people this week on how stylish & good I look despite being 39 weeks pregnant!! It does a girl's ego no end of good I must tell you :)

...I almost finished my first ripple baby blanket. Just got one more side of bobble edging to do, which I should manage tonight in front of the telly.

...I made some more baby burp cloths and embellished some muslins. Still got a big pile of plain white muslins that are just crying out for some pretty binding, crochet edging (like this), applique or flannel pannelling. If this baby doesn't arrive soon, I will have embellished/crocheted/appliqued/quilted everything it owns! But at least it will have the best looking puke/wee/poo covered cloths for miles around!

...we found out who little G's teacher will be next year when he starts in reception class. He will be having the same teacher that his big brother had. I must remember to tell her that he is not at all like his shy, quiet older brother, otherwise I think she is in for a shock!

...Mr W has been working extremely hard and been very stressed with millions of work report deadlines. He is desperately trying to get everything done at work before baby arrives! I think he is starting to see a tiny glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel, so hopefully will be able to relax a little over the weekend.

...I am very much looking forward to afternoon tea at a posh spa hotel with my best friend on Sunday. A special birthday treat!

...I have been watching and reading about the D-Day landings. We really must NEVER forget...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Belated "Happy birthday". Yes, sadly, once children come along and your life becomes very busy, adult birthday celebrations are a bit hit and miss, dependent on what else is going on that day. Your cake looks absolutely delicious! And lucky you - 2 crochet books, + KFC + a meal out so not bad all in all! And yes you do look stylish - a very neat bump for 39 weeks - eek, not long to go - how exciting! You must remember to update us here as soon as you can - best wishes
    Caz xx

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! I'm glad you moved your birthday celebrations to Thursday. The weather was much better...You do look lovely! And based on that I think you might be having a girl....I have those two crochet books. They're both full of beautiful projects that I'm sure you'd love to make, especially the ones for babies...Love your chocolate cake--it looks very yummy...Have a lovely time at the spa...Just a few days to go! Good luck! x

  3. Happy belated birthday .... good plan of yours to postpone by the sound of it!
    You certainly do look mighty fabulous, wishing you lots of luck for the magical day.
    love Jooles x x x

  4. Very sensible to postpone your birthday, you need to be able to celebrate properly! Many happy returns to you. The KFC and cake look amazing. I love the idea of edging the muslin cloths in fabric, how lovely. x