Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My baby is 3 today!

I can't believe it! Where did the time go? He's 3 already!

I did it - I got the bunting finished in time!

His big brother and I had to wake him this morning (isn't it typical that on a morning when you want them to be awake early they decide to sleep in!), so we sang a round of Happy Birthday to wake him up. His brother was convinced that he looked bigger today now that he is 3!

Big brother taking charge of the present opening!

After school drop-off, we headed home to make a birthday cake.

Eating the ingredients. Who knew he liked dark chocolate?

Uh oh! He's breaking the eggs for me. There may be a few crunchy bits in this cake!

Oops! The egg squirted!

Mmmmmm, stir it all up

We have a few friends coming over for a birthday tea after school today, so hopefully they will enjoy his creation - a giant brownie cake!

Here it is, the finished cake
And here is his birthday present from us - a lovely cheapo, plastic playhouse to add to all the other plastic toys littered around the garden - and he loves it!

The sun came out later on when his friends arrived, and they all had a wail of a time in the garden before tea.

We had to do a few rounds of candle-blowing until everyone had had a go, and the cake was well and truly covered in spit!

I think our little man enjoyed his day :)

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