Friday, 21 June 2013


Some days I really struggle to get anything done. Sometimes it's tiredness after a disturbed night with one of the boys, sometimes it's due to the miserable weather, but other times it's just due to general lethargy.

I am a big list-maker, and cannot get anything done without making a list first. I find it keeps everything straight in my mind, enabling me to prioritise all the mundane tasks that inevitably fill my days (emptying the dishwasher, put washing on, put ironing away, tidy toys/shoes/coats/post, food shopping etc etc).

But some days, even the lists fail me. I look down the list, and just can't bring myself to do anything on it. There will always be one or two things on there that get bumped day after day, as I just don't want to do them, but when the whole list gets bumped, I know I'm having one of those funny lethargic, procrastinating, WILFing days. And I know that we're all guilty of a bit of procrastination.


Much like today really! I feel pretty exhaustipated today (my new favourite word - too tired to give a sh*t!). Hayfever has kicked in majorly this week, and wipes me out. So at least I have sneezy, runny, nose and sore, itchy eyes and general tiredness to blame today!

Although I have ticked a few things off my list today, so it's not as bad as it could be!

A lot of my lack of enthusiasm for getting things done stems down to lack of time. I am constantly watching the clock. Wednesdays and Fridays, G is as nursery in the morning as well as W being at school. So although I have a couple of child-free hours in the morning, the rest of the day is spent clock-watching and dashing off to do pick-ups.

So I look at my list and think "there's not time to do that" and instead just WILF around the house but don't actually get much done. Things like gardening that require a change of clothes and getting dirty, always seem to get left, as I tend to think there's no point getting changed for an hour and then have to put everything away, come in, get washed and changed to go and do school pick-up.

I am a firm believer that you have to be in the right frame of mind to do certain tasks, and if you're not, then there is just no point. I can beleive in this way of thinking, as I know that my mindset will change very soon - my lethargy is generally short-lived. I am not like some people I know (who shall remain nameless!) who seem to be endlessly waiting for the day when they are suddenly galvansied into action to sort their lives out, but in the meantime let the years slide by doing nothing, filling those close to them with endless disappointment.

I have a house-related bucket-list as long as my arm, but I know that one day (in the not too distant future, I hope), I will have managed to tick everything off. When I look back over the last year of what we have achieved in the house and garden, I feel really pleased.

It's just on days like today that I feel the heavy burden of all those tasks and projects that are sitting waiting for me, calling to me to finish them and in most cases, start them!

And don't even get me started on all the craft projects that are waiting for me - some started, but many many still just hopes and dreams in my mind's eye!

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